“the roots that nurture, for the trees to grow..”

Athachi – our mother

There is a reason behind our brand identity – Athachi. It is named after our mother. There is no greater promise than the one we make in our mother’s name. The Athachi brand is our promise to our mother – where we pledge to do only what is right. A promise that inspires us to do our best at all times, and a realization to abide by the ultimate truth.

The deep foray into all aspects of Trust Nature

In line with the Athachi Trust Nature™ Initiative, our activities are about harnessing the regenerative power of Mother Nature every step of the way, to build resilience in our ecosystem. A resolve that starts with the way we see our farm – as a living entity!


The Athachi Farms is nestled at the foot of the famed Western Ghats, facing the fabled Palakkad Gap, through which the South-West Monsoon bursts over Palakkad and Kerala. It is believed that the Palakkad Gap and the Eastern coast of Madagascar were one mass of land before a giant underwater volcanic eruption.

Identified by UNESCO as one of the eight ‘hottest biodiversity hotspots’ in the world, the Western Ghats is home to a wide variety of endangered flora and fauna – a treasure trove of more than 700 different medicinal plants used for traditional medicinal uses. The Palakkad Gap is the only low mountain pass in the entire range of Western Ghats. This creation enables the Kerala monsoon to enter Palakkad whilst ensuring that Palakkad gets showers from the North-East monsoons.

The dense rainfall creates a network of brooks and rivulets, creating ‘organic dense’ alluvial soil, resulting in greater concentration of nutrients in the bio-produce. The winds retain its moisture, creating a foamy soil, ideally suited for agriculture, making Athachi Farms one of its kind.

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