Raju N Subramanian

Athachi Group

Chairman’s Message

Dear all,

Evolution is the name of the game. For us at Athachi, evolution with nature is the mantra! A story that started unfolding several decades ago, as a humble attempt in Ayurveda manufacturing is today a magical journey of evolution – of thoughts, ideas and most importantly, an evolution of methodologies.

Charles Darwin had said: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” How timeless is this quotation! At every level in our journey at Athachi, the team has worked in response to nature, with nature, towards raising the bar – from procuring the best quality raw materials to harnessing the most modern technologies. How did we unlock this? At the beginning of our journey, we asked ourselves how can manufacturing be possible without bringing an imbalance between man and nature. Is it possible to farm in the traditional way, based on ancient wisdom, and still reap the richness of the soil? Can science and technology be used to support the Earth? Can reducing carbon footprints be the cornerstone of all our businesses? We had plenty of questions, but thankfully also had answers to most of them.

This inspired us at Athachi – to work in harmony with our ethos. To commit ourselves to creating value for all stakeholders with transparent, equitable, and ethic-based processes. To curate solutions that are natural, blissful, and in accordance with the sustainable framework defined by Mother Nature. The questions kept coming. We realized the need for dependable, high quality raw materials. The answer was Athachi Farms. By Nature. For Nature. Empowering us to offer organic products with conviction. The processes we set are inspired by India’s ancient and proven farming methods that are harmonious with nature. The natural farming methods employed in the farm are supported by the objective use of the latest technology and research. Our team at Athachi comes together as one family, united in our commitment to the core values of Trusting Nature. Our end goal is to offer products and services that create new meaning and forge partnerships with our stakeholders and customers for a better tomorrow – with trust and in line with nature.

As Athachi strives to set new benchmarks, as an equal opportunity employer, as a mindful manufacturer, and as an eco-warrior – with nature at the center of everything we do, we are thankful for our roots held deep in ancient culture, even as we reach for a new brighter tomorrow. We are set to reach out to the skies, but our roots firmly on the ground, close to nature.

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