“the fruits of today need not poison tomorrow…”

Sustainability holds the key to the future

Sustainability holds the key to long lasting success

 Athachi Group upholds the core ideas of sustainability and has deployed innovative methods which have been inspired by age-old wisdom backed by modern science and technology.

 In today’s era of burgeoning climate change, where sustainable production must necessarily be future compliant, the activity of farming poses a lot of challenges. Conventional farming presents environmental challenges as it is water intensive, the livestock adds to greenhouse emissions, and rampant toxic chemical usage is degenerative to the soil and water systems.

Athachi strongly believes that an alternative farming method and holistic ways of doing businesses are alone can set us on the path of sustainability.

Everything we do, we strive to make it nature friendly

At Athachi, the soil has become our foundation from which we dare to dream of a world of environmental responsibility and sustainability. While farming is our bedrock, Athachi’s activities based on our Trust Nature Initiatives extend to all our lines of enterprise. Athachi Farms – it’s a place that flourishes in the lap of nature’s generosity. It’s a place where our most daring dreams of having healthy produce without resorting to use of chemicals or any unnatural means play out every day.

The journey began years ago when we took over acres of land that was basically barren, shocked by the usage of chemicals on it. To this area, Athachi started giving love and care.

 We dared to care

At the Athachi Farms, the first activity was just patience, we waited for the chemicals to leave as we started preparing the soil. The patience was backed with deep research into our age-old practices of agriculture, where nature was revered and cared for, and other sustainable methodologies. We dared to dream and began work according to nature’s own bio rhythm, following it up with “More Than Organic” methods of sustainable farming. Inspired by the wisdom of our sages, balanced by the usage of the latest technologies, the Athachi Farms grew from just a dream into a place alive with biodiversity. Carefully chosen trees, plants,  herbs, forages, now play host to an equally diverse animal life. We have adopted techniques in agriculture that bring together biodynamic and bio-diverse methods, sustainable usage of water and energy, natural soil enrichment programs, and bio pest control methods to provide the ideal environment and ecosystem where animals, birds, plants, and humans can co-exist. Together, they all enrich the soil and enable it to be regenerative, naturally, and this makes the entire process sustainable.

Vital and vibrant

The produce from the Athachi Farms is all about vitality, intensity of nature’s ingredients and potency of the actives. We bring this blooming energy into our produce by following processes that are equally caring and careful. 

We mindfully pluck only when we are sure the plant is ready; and when we process, we don’t sidestep anything. What begins with patience is underlined with it in every stage of activity. If extraction has to be done at particular temperatures, then they are done in a temperature-controlled environment. We do what it takes to bring the potency of nature to tables across the world, with love, care and no compromises in being nature friendly and sustainable.

From the vibrant farm to tables across the world, sustainably

Athachi Farms today offers fine products for skin and hair and very select products for consumption. The entire process from farm to table has been mindfully designed to be environmentally-friendly, recyclable, and sustainable. 

  • No testing on animals
  • Packaging that can be 100% recycled
  • Production in small batches to avoid chemicals used to extend shelf life 

Empowering the community, sharing the knowledge

 Athachi’s co-evolved sustainable agriculture is suitable for any geography as it uses endemic plants and livestock. The Athachi Group seeks to share the knowledge with communities near and far.

When we source from places other than our farm, we make sure it through free trade, and ethically purchased. 

Athachi Solar is an alternative energy solution that seeks to empower areas with little or no electricity, as well as give a sustainable choice to farmers, and other businesses.

Athachi has not stopped here. The Group is seeking more avenues to employ its solutions and more solutions to combat the climate change that will be mankind’s biggest challenge.