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Athachi Solar

As the world sprints towards renewable energy, harnessing solar power is high on the agenda of governments and industries globally. Athachi Group is far ahead in this journey.

Athachi Solar is an Athachi Group initiative to reduce dependency on fossil fuel usage for energy. As part of this, our renewable energy wing is kept abreast with the latest research and development, providing the newest technology and turnkey solutions to address the energy needs for streetlights, residential & commercial properties, and agriculture.  

And there is more to come!

Athachi Solar also provides on-grid and off-grid solutions to convert fully or partially homes, establishments, and the streets to solar energy, with an easy-to-install technology.

Athachi Solar is spreading its power far and wide, in India and soon beyond!

Athachi Solar – Critical off-grid solutions

Further harnessing the power of the solar venture, Athachi Solar also provides off-grid systems – a standalone electricity generating solution that do not depend on electricity grids.

These off-grid systems can be used for something as simple as providing electricity to a bus shelter to enabling electrification of remote areas with no access to power grids or in places where laying of cables is expensive or unviable.

With this, Athachi Solar is opening new avenues, especially in remote areas.

Solar streetlights

As infrastructure development continues full swing in India, Athachi Solar offers economical and efficient streetlight solutions that can be effortlessly and instantly installed.

Our solutions provide automatic Dusk to Dawn operations with built-in sensors to reduce energy output to increase battery life. 

The new Lithium Ferro Phosphate batteries, with electrical and thermal insulation, reduce the need for maintenance, providing best-in-class lumen efficacy, maximum output with minimum usage of watts.

Solar water pumps – Highly reliable and eco-friendly

And moving to water pumps, our solar pumps enable farmers in remote areas to save on fuel and raise the quality of their yields.

These water pumps are extremely cost-efficient and highly dependable!