“by nature, we all are as beautiful, as nature is…”


Welcome to a world of exquisite skin and hair care products, masterly crafted from the heart of nature under the principles of Trust Nature® philosophy of the Athachi Group. Moreganics beauty care transcends from being a ritual into a space of gentle indulgence, where every application is a treasure trove of nature’s hidden secrets, which contain all the ways to bring out the beautiful you.
The bespoke beauty products are the outcome of decades of research under the ‘Trust Nature’ science, instilling innovation, and improvement at every step from formulation to ingredients and farming methods to production guidelines. Through our product range, we seek to bring in sustainability, biodegradability, and reverence for nature at every stage of manufacturing – from process to packaging to delivery.

Key ingredients of our Moreganics skin and hair care products are grown in our own Athachi Farms situated in the Palakkad Gap, a mountain pass in the ecological hotspot of the Western Ghats Mountain range, unique for its exceptionally high level of biological diversity and endemism, providing ideal conditions to nurture the best of herbs.

The distinctive quality and purity of plants, flowers, herbs at Athachi Farms are the result of the ideal combination of naturally blessed ecological conditions coupled with our own unique and specially designed ‘More than Organic’ farming methods.
The farm produce and the freshness of plants, flowers, and herbs are maintained through a unique methodology developed as part of our ‘Trust Nature’ science to safeguard its natural qualities and benefits.

The Moreganics Method at Athachi is where love is the underlying ingredient!
We mean, love for all beings – for our products are human tested and not animal, nor do they contain any animal fat or material; love for the soil, for we grow and source our raw ingredients in ways that adhere to nature’s vital laws; and love
for the Earth for we are mindful of how we source fairly. The exotic cold-pressed oils gently nudge away silicon and petroproducts.
The exceptional packaging of Moreganics products is intricately presented in aluminium containers – the first-of-its-kind in the Indian cosmetic industry.
We have carefully selected the metal for its ‘endlessly recyclable’ quality, as it can be reprocessed and reformed. All other packaging materials are eco-friendly and carefully vetted for their biodegradable and recyclable features.
At Moreganics, we adopt a direct marketing approach to the customer through our online portal. This allows us to cater to the individual customer’s needs with the freshest products and even a possibility of custom-making products, should there be a need and/or demand.
At Moreganics, we have also initiated a unique communications strategy involving local and some internationally renowned artists to represent our out-of-the-world, exclusive range of products with their imagination.
Moreganics’ products are designed to showcase India’s values and rich traditions within India and globally. All efforts have been taken to incorporate our products as ‘Made in India’ in line with the government’s ethos of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ to ensure self-sufficiency in our sourcing, manufacturing, and delivery processes. Truly, all that is most alive in nature is used to work on your skin and hair to bring new life and added vitality to them. So that you can shine in all your glory – bestowed by nature, with nature.

That’s Moreganics, from Athachi, for you

Trust Nature Science
Athachi Group transcends three generations of nature-based preparations. Rejuvenating traditions with a mix of massage, exfoliation, and hydration that work around the foundations of the body and beauty care. With inspiration from ancient Indian Ayurvedic practices and decades of in-house breakthrough research, Moreganics products provide the consumer an experience in skin and hair care which is the best and the healthiest.This involves a completely different approach towards the way ingredients are grown and extracted while maintaining its purest form.
To maintain the quality of the Moreganics products, our research team has prescribed detailed steps and standards at every process –from ideation through production to delivery.
And this is where we stand apart. Bringing in state-of-the-art technologies with traditional methods is where the science of nature and nature’s science meet.

Athachi Trust Nature Initiative
From the smallest microbes to the largest living things, our planet is full of life and energy blessed by nature. Planet Earth is a great place to live, and we must recognise our right to not only live here but also ensure the right of every other organism to life.
Ancient Indian sages had gained deep insights into the self-healing and self-balancing properties of Mother Nature and had organised a way of life with defined principles around this sacred knowledge to create a paradise on Earth.
It is this profound knowledge that lays the foundation and ethos for the Athachi Trust Nature Initiative encompassing the following principles:
• Re-discovering the power of placing our trust in Mother Nature to provide for all our needs.
• Promoting Holistic living, biodiversity, and harmonious co-existence to reap a richer life experience.
• Protecting, preserving and nurturing the ecosystem where plants, animals,
and all other organisms, as well as weather and landscape, blend to maintain the delicate balance between the organisms and environment.
• Harnessing the regenerative power of nature in every step to build resilience in the ecosystem.
No, it’s not about religion. It’s not about politics. It’s all about love. And if you love
something, you want to understand them, take care of them, protect them, and keep them safe for future generations so that they can lead a richer life experience.

That’s the core of Athachi’s Trust Nature initiative.

More than Organics
The Athachi Group’s philosophy of ‘Trust Nature’ is a powerful stream of thought that unites all the Group’s activities across its businesses. We firmly believe that nature holds the answers to most of humankind’s challenges.
Conscious Agriculture and Co-existence are a way of life at Athachi, epitomised in a natural and balanced ecosystem at Athachi Farms. The principles of ‘Trust Nature’ has been fully implemented in every step of our farm activity and ‘More Than Organics’ [Moreganics] is the result of our own unique approach and techniques towards Agro-Forestry.
Inspired by ancient wisdom, the Moreganics Method follows a holistic approach to the century-old agricultural system in India which adopts self-sufficiency, self-healing, self-balancing, recycling, and sustainability to ensure good health for humans as well as the environment.
From sharing part of the farm produce with the birds and other living organisms, the method prescribes working with the natural cycle of the Earth and Cosmos, as explained by the ancient Indian principles of Rishi Krishi and Vedic Farming. This
cow-centric farming ensures special attention and care is provided for optimal, natural living conditions for cattle. The Athachi Farms showcases Indian cattle breeds for their quality of milk and resilience to weather conditions

Nurturing Biodiversity: The Biodynamic system practised at Athachi Farms aims to mimic the natural ecosystems where plants, animals, and the soil work together to sustain the web of life. Annual and perennial vegetables, herbs, flowers, pastures, forages, and native plants, supported by varied animal life, contribute to plant diversity, amplifying the health and resilience of the farm.
The sensation, the colour, and the perfume of nature: The exquisite formulations of Moreganics are gently imbued from the nature around. The dewy colours, the blessings from a rich soil and the silky notes from plants make the Moreganics products pure indulgences from a sensory perspective.
Soil is our strength: Healthy soil lead to a healthy plant, and nurtures healthy animals, healthy humankind, healthy water, and a healthy climate. Soil, plants and the climate are interconnected – with the soil’s unique ability to absorb carbon from the atmosphere through plants and store it for decades while aiding plant growth.

A special emphasis is laid on regeneration of soil to ensure that quality of the soil  is continuously improved.This is achieved through planting bio-diversified species, applying natural fertilizers made from farm produce and waste, and in-farm composting methods.This helps to form a meaningful and deeper relation with soil and eventually has a strong connection with the quality of the produce.
Balancing approach towards pests: The farm has a unique approach towards pest control. At Athachi, we believe that all organisms contribute to the growth of ecosystem when they are in perfect balance.
The uniquely designed solar bio-pest control targets only those pests which disrupts the balance. The pest infestations are curtailed by way of a targeted approach to minimise the reproduction of such pests, without disrupting other organisms. This is a revolutionary approach in comparison with the current pest control methods being followed under the organic method of farming.

Nature’s bounty from the heart of monsoon land…Palakkad

The Athachi Farms is nestled at the foot of the famed Western Ghats, facing the fabled Palakkad Gap, through which the South-West Monsoon sweeps over Palakkad and Kerala. When they were together as Gondwanaland, the Eastern Coast of Madagascar, and the Western Ghats, the Palakkad Gap shared a rich variety of flora and fauna. UNESCO has identified the Western Ghats as one of the eight ‘hottest hotspots’ in the world, as it is home to a wide variety of endangered flora and fauna – a treasure trove for more than 700 different medicinal plants used for traditional medicinal uses.
The Palakkad Gap is the only low mountain pass in the entire Western Ghats range. Due to this strategic topography, it enables the monsoon to enter Palakkad and ensures that it receives showers during the North-East monsoon season.
The dense rainfall creates a network of brooks and rivulets, creating ‘organic dense’ alluvial soil, resulting in greater concentration of nutrients in the bio-produce. The winds retain its moisture, creating loamy soil, which is ideally suited for agriculture.
All of this provides unique conditions for growing herbs and plants which translates into exceptional products of the Palakkad Gap.

Moreganics production method: staying true to the process all the way

The moment we bring in the ‘Moreganically’ grown or sourced plants into our lab, they go through a specific Moreganics Method of processing.
Herbs in their full entity: Every part of an herb is a treasure trove of valuable resources. This is something that ancient wisdom advocates and is confirmed by modern science. This resource is a precious gift to us. We make sure that each part of the plant is used to obtain its maximum potency by mindfully sourcing them  from our farm and other trusted vendors.
Formulations, blends, and processes: Our formulations are backed with strong scientific research, infused with nutrients and actives extracted from plants. Strict methods are followed during the processing methods. Temperatures are maintained
at optimal levels to avoid the loss of any vital properties of the herbs. The oils are cold pressed; and we follow certain complex, time intensive methods prescribed by nature based, ancient texts without cutting corners or substituting the methods for easier or less time-consuming  ones.
Research and quality controls: With the backing of a strong R&D team, every ingredient is tested for quality before it is added to the formulation. Once the formulations are prepared, it undergoes rigorous QA/QC lab tests for its stability to
ensure the right amount of microbial content is present.
Everything at Athachi comes with a natural flair, a touch of elegance, and is thoughtfully curated to be the best. Our cosmetic line is no exception – going beyond enhancing appearance and unravelling the beauty from within. This is besides the nourishing and healing properties, coupled with the protective properties offered for hair and skin.

Mindfulness – passion with a purpose

With nature at the core, we champion environmental sustainability, animal welfare, and community building – because that is where our heart is. Our products are people tested with no animals or animal fats used at any stage. The packaging is also mindfully thought out, to abide by the ‘No Harm to Nature’ commitment.
The human skin absorbs 60% of what is applied on it. Hence, what is applied needs to be good. And we are mindful of that and act responsibly

True to natural science: eliciting the best from nature

At Moreganics, we follow gentle, researched, and proven methods to extract the best from plants and herbs. The Moreganics Method is all about strictly adhering to nature’s own harmonious processes, backed by science, research and quality enhancing techniques. We bring over decades of experience, from 1986, in time-honoured systems and supported by modern research, to offer a natural herbal platform that addresses the beauty and wellness needs of the modern
Most of the ingredients are sourced from the Athachi Farms – the bedrock for our beauty and wellness endeavours. A sacred ground that inspires us to offer ideas to our thoughts and products with sparkling vitality. And for those ingredients which are not yet grown at Athachi Farms, we obtain from trusted sources through fair trade and equanimity.
With natural regenerative power of  plants and herbs grown with stringent  sacred practices, the farming process at Athachi Farms is integrated with the elements of nature to principles of traditional, biodynamic, and biodiverse methodologies.
We do not challenge the nature; we go with the Nature…. For we belong to Nature!

The Moreganics method in the products

The produce from the Athachi Farms are affirmations to the Moreganics Method, for their freshness, purity and their enhanced properties.
Having co-evolved with animal life, many plants have natural wellness enhancing properties. Turmeric is the best known of them. This nature’s prized spice has been used for centuries in the kitchens and beauty traditions of Asia.At Athachi Farms, this super root holds a place of pride. Our Moreganics farming processes enable us to achieve one of the world’s highest curcumin contents, of more than 6.4% in our turmeric rhizomes – making our turmeric powder freshest and 100% pure.
This engaging Moreganics turmeric brings its warm aroma with earthy and peppery notes to everything one aspires for – be it beauty or in the kitchen.

Moreganics products range

Beauty is a way of life that nature bestows us with. And to make the most of what Nature showers on us, we need to be as close to Nature as possible.
Experience this beauty with our products. Our treasure trove of signature products includes micro and macro emulsions, and super concentrated complexes.
From oils to lotions, and gels to serums, we have got the range covered and for every age group. Products which combine efficacy with sensorial experience – a treat for the skin, that delight the user with nourishment and care, exotic blends that take one to a zone of bespoke indulgence.
Our friendly customer service, and our expert team will guide you with our products, provide an overview on the ingredients, as well as the most-efficient usage information. So, what you buy is what your skin and hair truly seek.
In short, our Moreganics range offers world-class products produced and packaged with utmost care and ethical practices. Athachi products – from nature, for you.