“we are delivered at birth into nature’s womb…”

Athachi Trust Nature™:

A Philosophy of Harmonious Living

Trust Nature: The Great Mantra for The World to Chant

If Artificial Intelligence is one side of the coin, Trust Nature™ is the other side. Preserving and protecting Nature is the need of the hour – and not something to be left for future generations to tackle. Athachi Trust Nature™ aims to raise awareness about this scientific truth. Nature exists within every atom on this Earth. And Nature has bestowed upon us water, food, and air to sustain life. Philosophy and the spiritual reasoning on the cycles of birth reveal deep knowledge about Mother Nature. Though we are conceived in our mother’s womb, we are delivered at birth into Nature’s womb. It is this lap of Mother Nature which nurtures, protects, and safeguards our journey from the womb to the tomb. The onus is on us to ensure that our Mother Nature is healthy. For, only a healthy mother can groom a healthy child!

The Trust Nature™ philosophy, thus, is a prerequisite in today’s modern world, which can find application in every aspect of life. It is this profound knowledge that lays the foundation and ethos for the Athachi Trust Nature™ initiative, encompassing the following principles:

  • Reinforcing the power of our trust in Mother Nature to provide for all our needs
  • Promoting holistic living, biodiversity, and harmonious co-existence for a richer life experience
  • Protecting, preserving, and nurturing the ecosystem where all living organisms, weather, and landscape, blend to maintain a delicate balance with the environment.
  • Harnessing the regenerative power of Nature in every step to build resilience in the ecosystem.

Trust Nature™ a Way of Life!

To create an enhanced life experience from Nature, for Nature and in giving back to Nature. Inspired from ancient wisdom and driven by modern methodologies, creating a sense of oneness.

Deliver products and services by emphasizing on trusting Nature, and preserving the ecosystem, through sustainable models inspired by ancient wisdom and propelled by modern research.

Reversing The Impact of  Climate Change

Nature-based solutions go a long way in preserving our ecosystems. The Athachi Trust Nature™ Initiative is a nature-based solution that helps create an ecosystem that reduces the impact of climate change by capturing CO2 and sequestering it in the plants, soils, and sediments. Restorative agriculture, as practiced through the Athachi Trust Nature™ Initiative, protects the biodiversity against climate change and loss of habitat. Practices such as these can bring back humankind to knowing how and where the food comes from – offering an intimate connect to the entire cycle and impacting agricultural production, livelihoods, and harnessing synergies in a more powerful way. From time-tested methodologies to combating waste and assessing environmental impacts through the Trust Nature™ philosophy to enabling the soil to absorb carbon from the atmosphere through plants and storing it for decades while aiding plant growth, we at Athachi want to improve how we grow, transport, and consume what the Earth has bestowed on us.

Athachi Trust Nature™ in Line with UN’s Life Program The Time Has Come

The Athachi Trust Nature™ Initiative entails actions that go beyond farming,  offering ways and means to arrest climate change, and is perfectly suited to align with the LiFE campaign of the United Nations. Being universal in its ethos where all living organisms, weather, and landscape blend to maintain the balance with the environment, the Trust Nature™ philosophy can be adapted anywhere in the world. With international support, it can become a deeply holistic tool to combat climate change.

How It All Began For Athachi

Athachi, Our Mother
There is a reason behind our brand identity – Athachi. It is named after our mother. There is no greater promise than the one we make in our mother’s name. The Athachi brand is our promise to our mother – where we pledge to do only what is right. A promise that inspires us to do our best at all times, and a realization to abide by the ultimate truth. In line with this, the Athachi Trust NatureTM Initiative is about harnessing the regenerative power of our Mother Nature along every step of our way, to build resilience in our ecosystem. A resolve that starts with the way we see our farm – as a living entity!

A Journey That Started With Athachi Farms

The Athachi Farms is nestled at the foot of the famed Western Ghats, facing the fabled Palakkad Gap, through which the South-West Monsoon bursts over Palakkad and Kerala. It is believed that the Palakkad Gap and the Eastern coast of Madagascar were one mass of land before a giant underwater volcanic eruption. Identified by the UNESCO as one of the eight ‘hottest biodiversity hotspots’ in the world, the Western Ghats is home to a wide variety of endangered flora and fauna– a treasure trove of more than 700 different medicinal plants used for traditional medicinal uses. The Palakkad Gap is the only low mountain pass in the entire range of Western Ghats. This creation enables the Kerala monsoon to enter Palakkad whilst ensuring that Palakkad gets showers from the North-East monsoons. The dense rainfall creates a network of brooks and rivulets, creating ‘organically dense’ alluvial soil, resulting in greater concentration of nutrients in the bio-produce. The winds retain their moisture, creating a foamy soil, ideally suited for agriculture, making Athachi Farms one of its kind.

A Living Organism’s Generosity

Integration and interdependency are the hallmark of Athachi Farms – connecting living organisms. Mindful of the relationship between the soil, plants, insects, animals, and people, all these elements are managed systematically to not only preserve but also magnify the health and vitality of the entire ecosystem. The ancient Indian sages had gained deep insights into the self-healing and self-balancing properties of Mother Nature and had organized a way of life with defined principles around this sacred knowledge to create a paradise on Earth.
Co-Evolution of Conscious Agriculture
We are inspired by the wisdom and practices, from the fundamental texts of knowledge of ancient Indian civilizations. The century-old agricultural system in India followed a holistic approach and adopted core principles of self-sufficiency, recycling, and sustainability to ensure healthy citizens. Our vision is to achieve farming that reverses the Earth’s degradation, by contributing positively to the ecosystem. Our goal is to develop the Co-evolution of Conscious Agriculture by reviving the best of these century-old holistic agricultural practices and enhancing them with the latest innovation, technology, and techniques to achieve Super Healthy Agro–Ecosystem. Co-existence is a way of life at Athachi Farms, epitomized in a natural habitat inspired by India’s ancient and scientifically proven farming methods. These include Rishi Krishi, Vedic Farming techniques, and
Vrikshayurveda-based methods. In today’s era of burgeoning climate change, conventional farming presents environmental challenges with its water-intensive methods draining the irrigation systems and rampant toxic chemical usage deteriorating the soil conditions. We firmly believe that the Earth’s generosity can be maximally utilized without being destructive, only if we learn to trust Nature and follow its natural flow. This led Athachi to develop a new way of holistic farming titled MORE THAN ORGANIC™, operating on the methodologies of Trust Nature™ principles, backed by science, technology, and research.


From time long lived, Indians have always put the cow on a high pedestal, revering the cow as Kamadhenu – the symbol of fertility and the provider of life. For we don’t merely get milk from cows, but also the elixir of life – as Panchagavyam is popularly known as, which is essentially made up of five substances obtained from cow. The MORE THAN ORGANIC™ method of farming aims to link dairy farms and agricultural farms, the foundation of our Trust Nature™ philosophy.The cow-centric agricultural practices of India are new to the world, even among other developed countries leading in dairy farming. Perhaps that explains why most of the Western countries, which have not known the science of linking agriculture to dairy farming, are over dependent on chemical fertilizers. Cows are centre to this sustainable and regenerative method we follow as part of our Trust Nature™ philosophy, as products such as cow dung and urine are used in the preparation of a wide range of manures and formulations that promote plant growth, boost plant immunity, improve soil health, and increase crop productivity and yields– giving life to plants. A cow-centric methodology which ensures the richness and fertility of soils and forms the foundation of a sustainable ecosystem.

Vedic Farming

Vedic Farming is a holistic approach aimed at purifying the ecosystem. Animals and plants play a very important role as ghee, milk, honey, dung, or botanical extracts etc. are derived from them as the basic inputs used in the process of Vedic Farming. This treatise includes observations on all aspects of agriculture such as meteorological observations relating to agriculture, management of agriculture, management of cattle, agricultural tools, seed collection and preservation, ploughing and all the agricultural processes involved right from seasonal field preparations to harvesting of crops and storage of produce like grains etc.

Rishi Krishi
Thousands of years ago, ancient Rishis (sages) lived in the forests with a direct daily experience of nature. These enlightened scholars deeply understood the rhythms and cycles of nature. They gifted us with many secrets of agriculture and divine farming techniques. This is a real valid science that has been lost in the modern world, though proven to be greatly effective. Athachi Farms is reviving many of these ‘non-violent’ bio-dynamic farming practices to improve crop quality and yield. This system employs ingenious and special ways of preparation of soil, seeds, fertilizing, and sharing a portion of yield with other living organisms. These methods ensure that seeds germinate well, crops are stronger and resistant to disease for their lifetime and a part of the yield is distributed so that the ecosystem is self-maintained. Rishi Krishi signifies the use of astrology and understanding the movement of the planets when sowing and reaping crops. The Rishis identified 27 constellations or Nakshatras through which the moon passes through. Specificactions are taken on a particular Nakshatra cycle to receive the maximum benefit to the crops. For example, each Nakshatra specifies which day to prepare the Panchagavya, seeding, plowing, pruning, spraying, watering, weeding, fertilizing, composting etc. Athachi Farms has developed Navagraha and Nakshatra Gardens within the farm. A Nakshatra plant is believed to bring in mental and physical wellness just like wearing a planetary gem to elevate life’s wellness. Athachi Farms supports the belief that each person should cultivate, care, and revere the trees/plant associated with their Nakshatra.

Ayurveda is arguably the oldest healing technique that the world had known. Vrikshayurveda is a unique knowledge from India that is gaining support and acceptance all over the world in projects that wish to conserve Nature. From applying medicines to the wound of a tree when a branch is cut, to the care and maintenance of herbs and shrubs, Vrikshayurveda covers a wide range of subjects pertaining to conservation and preservation of trees. The Vrikshayurveda method also entails employing natural and organic ways of soil enrichment, eliminating the need for artificial chemicals, by using special farm grown herbal and mineral preparations, and composting methods. Special efforts are taken to identify those pests which are harmful to the ecosystem and employ holistic methods like planting countering herbs, and in special cases, solar bio-traps, to limit their growth, as referenced in the ancient Indian text Vrikshayurveda.
The MORE THAN ORGANIC™ methodology is a farming system based on Vrikshayurveda. Along with the Vedic method of not harvesting the entire yield and leaving some for other organisms, this farming method emphasizes on time – from sowing to harvest and includes globally accepted models of farming such as Miyawaki, Dhabolkar, Permaculture, Pranic and Biodiversity-Biodynamic practices.

Biodynamic & Biodiverse Farming
Traditional practices of our forefathers are what we call Biodynamic Farming and it refers to the principle of harnessing the energies which create and maintain life. This system focuses on the judicious use of all the five elements of Nature -Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Space – to enrich the soil and the surrounding environment.
This includes:
Restoration of the soil through the incorporation of organic matter Improving soil health and soil quality through skillful application of practices Special emphasis on green manuring, cover crops, and crop rotation Vigilant protocols for the treatment of manure and composts. The farm maintains biodiversity and the individuality of natural ecosystems and landscapes. Annual and perennial vegetables, herbs, flowers, pastures, forages, and native plants all contribute to plant diversity, amplifying the health and resilience of the farm as a whole. Diversity in domestic animals is also highly beneficial as each animal species has a different relationship to the land and unique quality of manure.

Permaculture (Permenant Agriculture or Permenant Culture)

Permaculture is an approach to land management and philosophy that adopts the arrangements observed in flourishing natural ecosystems. This is a guiding life principle working in tandem with nature through thoughtful observation of plants and animals in all their functions. The Farm must have a design principle modeled from natural ecosystems which include ecological design and engineering, regenerative and self-maintained habitat, environmental design and construction, integrated water resource  management and sustainable architecture. Our approach to holistic farming incorporates patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems, helping us develop truly sustainable systems over time.

Pranic Agriculture
Prana, or life-force, is cosmic energy present in every living being, on every level, within our Universe. It enters our bodies through each breath and circulates down to our cells. Pranic Agriculture is a style of farming that aims to harmonize and balance the energy forces within the farm. Healthy food constitutes prana in the correct proportion for the development of a healthy mind. Soil and plants, just like human bodies, are also living organisms pulsating with pranic energy that can be harnessed to optimize crop growth and yield. It is truly a miracle of abundance available to everyone and it is a way to give back to our Mother Earth, who yearns for us to return to our roots of following nature’s own rhythm and vital energies in growing our food. This process makes plants healthier and bigger with increased yields and food made with such yield has better taste, aroma, and aids digestion. At the same time, animals are happier, healthier, and more friendly with their caretakers and give extra yield.

The Way Forward
Through its Trust Nature™ philosophy, Athachi aims to engage the youth in elevating the agricultural and farming standards across the country. This can be achieved by replicating the Athachi Farms concept through local partnerships across different states which helps to magnify the health and vitality of the natural ecosystem across the country. Athachi also looks at a partnership model with various state governments to leverage its unique produce to be marketed in the international market and bringing its salient advantages to the global audience. Beyond leading to healthy produce for future generations, as it did in the golden era, this will also help in developing a sustainable, Nature-friendly ecosystem across the country for years to come. This, in the true sense, forms the essence of the Athachi Trust Nature™ ethos!