“mother earth belongs to every living organism …”

We Are From Nature; We Revere Nature

Athachi Trust Nature™ is a declaration of reverence to Mother Earth. This initiative is a powerful stream of thought that originates from the principle that Nature has the remedies for all challenges faced by humankind. The Earth belongs to every living organism in equal measure and this
awareness helps us create solutions to achieve a natural balance and a holistic way of co-existence. Our planet is full of life and energy to nurture every organism – from the smallest microbes to the largest living forms. Hence, we must recognize our right to not only live on Planet Earth but also
ensure every organism’s right to life here. The centuries-old Indian wisdom of Nature-centric living focuses on the judicious use of all five elements – Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space – which is the inspiration for the Athachi Trust Nature™
It’s all about love. And if we love something, we look forward to understanding them, taking care of them, protecting them, and keeping them safe for future generations to ensure they have a richer life experience!