“seeds of a good deed brings forth more good…”

Farm Produce 

The geo advantage that makes for fine farm produce

The Athachi Farms, nestled close to the Palakkad gap enjoys a moisture-laden breeze through the year. The rich soil of the land, famed for its unique agri-produce, is enhanced by Athachi’s more than organic methods of farming. The herbs and plants have been found to have high levels of bio-actives and nutrients. 

The Trust Nature ethos encourages us to innovate ways to keep the potency of the farm produce to the maximum level possible. For instance, our processes are temperature controlled to ensure the delicate nutrients are not destroyed. So what we bring to the market holds the goodness of nature in all the vital areas.

Naturally bestowed; Morganically enhanced

Athachi’s More than Organics farming employs biodynamic and bio-diverse methods, and homegrown herbal and mineral preparations. The result is soil that is regenerative and enables us to achieve maximum potency from our produce. Our lovingly picked and gently handled products undergo rigorous quality tests for stability and microbial content.