Athachi Consulting

Asset Financing Solutions

We bring profound knowledge of structured and asset finance with a focus on aviation and aircraft markets. With extensive  experience in financing over 300 widebody aircraft and a global spectrum of
asset and structured finance, we have amassed deep insight and knowledge of Leasing, Financing, Banking, and Capital Markets.
One of our USPs is cost-effective financing solutions through our extensive network of contacts, both in Aviation and Global Financial Markets. We provide sound financial advice and tailored solutions to the aviation industry.
Our recommendations seek to enhance value and create sustainable long-term success for our clients, who include lessors and financiers, investors, airlines, and corporate aircraft owners.
Our Values
The values we uphold, which always reflect in our thinking and action are Commitment, Passion and Expertise
Our Strategy
Over the years, we have accumulated rich experience in the domain of aircraft leasing, aircraft trading, structured finance, asset finance, and consulting. We are confident that we will further
strengthen our position by:
CONCENTRATING our efforts in targeting high-yielding assets at reasonable risk;
COLLECTING market intelligence on trend and specific transactions based on our relationships key
market players
CAPITALIZING opportunities available in the global financial markets to achieve long-term goals
CREATING flexible strategies to exploit the upside during market upturns and mitigating risks during
market downturns.
Our Strengths
Experience in financing over 200 widebody aircraft and raising over US$20 Billion.
Independently arranged to finance for the largest widebody aircraft from niche private markets
Arranged numerous repeat financings both in primary and secondary markets
Excellent relationships with all major lessors, aviation lenders, and investors globally.
Experience in developing new sources of capital for aircraft financing.
State-of-the-art analytical capabilities and access to key industry data